Site & Security Assessments

Site Assessment & Inspections

Farm City Fence, LLC will provide an in-depth site assessment and inspection to ensure that you have the best fencing system options to your residential or commercial property. It is essential to have a fence or gate site assessment or inspection for a better understanding of what the process is to get started on your project.

Property Evaluation

With a property evaluation, we will be able to take the accurate and well-measured information that is required to have before you have a fencing system installed. We will visit the property site and then notate the features for a well-established fencing system.

Permitting & Design

At this point in the fencing process, you will be able to select the materials and see the layout, as well as the mapping of the fencing service. Farm City Fence, LLC wants to make sure all of the appropriate steps are taken for the permitting and design of the fencing systems. We will inspect, mediate, litigation and make sure everything is approved before we get started on the installation of the fence or gate you have selected

Construction & Installation

Once everything is approved and ready to go, Farm City Fence, LLC will start the construction and installation process to having your brand new fence or gate added to your property. We specialize at installation fencing systems, gates, barriers, and enclosures. Scheduling an appointment today will ensure that you will have a new fence or gate in no time!
Our company wants to guarantee customer satisfaction for any fencing or gate services, the property visit that we offer will include many different things such as breach detection, perimeter gagging, blind spot identification, plan of action for every residential or commercial property. We ensure that every fencing service is done professionally and accurately the entire time of the fencing or gate service. Performing all of the necessary steps to have a successful fencing system operating correctly is what we do best! Whether you have a small, medium or large scaled property, we can provide adequate services for customer satisfaction! For our fencing contractors working on your home is like working on our own, we will treat your property will care and respect the entire time.
With Farm City Fence, LLC, the fencing services that we provide are unbelievable! If you are interested in having a chainlink fence, ornamental fence, crowd control fence, gate, control panels, high security gate, high end, fencing, luxury fence, coast fence, rail fence, wrought iron fence, custom fence, cage fence, crash-rated barrier fence, cable fence, temporary fence, security fence, electric fence, farm fence, ranch fence, wood fence, or a vinyl fence, give us a call to get started on the process today!

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