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Farm City Fence, LLC is a top-notch fencing contractor that provides unbeatable fencing services for residential or commercial properties in Hermiston, Oregon, and surrounding areas. For over 23 years, our company has been installing, designing, upgrading and maintenance different types of fences such as custom fences, gates, security gates/fences, and barriers. We offer a fast, affordable and dependable fencing and gate services that are not only durable but will also last long!

Deisgn | Install | Upgrade

Increase the security of your property/business with Farm City Fence, LLC by adding one of our top-notch fencing systems to your commercial property.
We are highly proficient with designing, installing, or upgrading a fencing system; all you have to do is call us now!

Custom | Luxury | Quality

Control who has access to your home by having Farm City Fence, LLC install a fence or gate that will keep the family safe for years to come!
Customize your residential fence with the best fencing contractors that are experienced in providing quality and luxury fencing systems!

Enclosures | Fencing | Gates

Farm City Fence, LLC offers different types of security fencing options for you to choose from such as levels 1-3; which are for pools, homes, & privacy. Then there is level 4 security fencing & gates that are for data centers, homeland security, private security, power grids, government contracts, solar panel farms, & high-security fencing

Chainlink Fencing with Farm City Fence

Farm City Fence, LLC is the expert fencing contractor that will professionally install, repair, replace, upgrade and design chain link fences for residential or commercial properties! Don’t wait any longer for a cost-effective, easily maintained, and quick installations for chain link fencing services, call us today!

Luxury Fencing & Gate Selection

Farm City Fence, LLC has a superior selection of unique fencing materials that you can choose from for your residential or commercial properties. The different luxury fencing selections that we have to offer are wood, wrought iron, ornamental, vinyl, contemporary and retro. .

What We Do

Farm City Fence, LLC of Hermiston, Oregon, designs, installs, repairs, and upgrades residential and commercial fencing services. We guarantee all fencing jobs with our start to finish concept, at a reasonable price for any budget. With more than 20 years of experience, we strive to keep the customer’s best interest in mind. We pride ourselves in the quality of work that we can do, and install each fence or gate as if we were at our own home.


Residential Fencing Coverage

Transform your home’s appearance and easily enhance its security features with the privacy fencing option we offer here at Farm City Fence, LLC. Furthermore as an added bonus to our clients, we will even install a customized dog kennels and livestock corrals!


Farm Fencing & Corrals

Farm City Fence, LLC is the perfect fencing contractor that will provide exceptional farm fencing and corral services for industrial and agricultural properties. If you would like to have a farm, animal corral, ranch, or even an estate, a farm fencing or gate services would be a great idea!


Commercial Fencing Services

Protect any commercial-zoned property or construction site with a secure chain-link barriers installation from Farm City Fence, LLC that guard your investment and protect you from any potential issues, such as unwanted intrusion or trespassing!


Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our philosophy is that the customer is always right, which keeps the customer’s interest at the forefront of every job! We will guarantee complete customer satisfaction for any fence or gate service that is needed from the best fencing contractors in Hermiston, OR and surrounding areas!


Site & Security Evaluation

Site preparations and security evaluations are an essential part of the process for getting started on installing a fencing system to your home or business. Farm City Fence, LLC is the fencing contractors that will be open and honest with their fencing consultation services.


Custom Fencing Options

You will find the custom fencing options that Farm City Fence, LLC provides for your property is phenomenal! Whether you are interested in having a fence or gate that is wood, vinyl, iron, picket, ornamental or even a privacy fence, we can do it at an affordable price that you can't find anywhere else!

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If any additional inquiries regarding our Commercial, Residential & Industrial Fencing Services arise or if you would like to schedule your complimentary, on-site consultation.
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